Impression Kit


Warning! This kit is not suitable for orthodontic braces.

If you are undergoing orthodontic treatment, please consult your dentist. 


Step 1

Before you take your impression, decide which of the dental trays fit your mouth best.
Place each tray in your mouth around your upper teeth.
Your teeth should sit comfortably in the tray so you can close your mouth as much as possible.

Please ensure you try all of the trays and select the one that fits you the best,
and remember that the tray will restrict your mouth from closing completely.

Step 2

Mix one of each colour putty together until the white colour disappears and the putty reaches a consistent yellow colour.

Take no longer than 30 seconds to complete this stage.

Roll it out into a sausage-like shape and place inside the tray, ensuring there is plenty of putty at the front of the tray.

tray load impression


Step 3

Keeping the tray handle aligned with your nose, locate your front teeth.

Push the tray upwards, as far as possible bite down firmly at the back for a couple of seconds then keep the tray still for 2 minutes allowing the putty to set



Step 4

After two minutes, remove the tray from inside your mouth.

It may feel tight against your teeth, in which case a gentle rocking motion may be applied to remove it. 

Correct Impression

If the impression is inaccurate we will not be able to use the impression and will ask you to retake it.

An inaccurate impression will mean your mouthguard will not fit properly and you risk it falling out.

Please use the other set of putty and try again, making sure you follow the instructions.

Step 5

Wrap the impression in tissue and place it in the small plastic bag.
Put the bag inside the freepost envelope, seal it and post it to us!

Your mouthguard will be completed within seven to ten working days of us receiving it.

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