Why You Should Wear a Gum Shield

Why You Should Wear a Gum Shield

Whether it’s a rogue ball, a vicious elbow, a sniper kick or a flying punch, there are gazillion reasons why you need to protect those pearly whites of yours.  


With safety as important as ever, you owe it to yourself to make mouthguards a top line of defense and a priority- on par with shoes, helmets and jerseys. 


But it isn’t enough to wear just any kind of mouthguard. Sure, an off-the-shelf mouthguard is cheaper than a custom fitted one, but would you rather have an ill-fitting, uncomfortable, cheap mouthguard that’s going to get your grill knocked out or a custom mouthguard that will provide serious protection from serious injuries? 


A custom designed mouthguard is well worth the investment. It allows for a snug fit and offers the best protection and comfort- which is why it is recommended by the American Dental Association. 


We created a list of the main reasons why you should choose custom fitted mouthguards from GumShields.com. So read on as this few paragraphs will help you protect your smile and by extension change the quality of your life. 


A Custom Fitted Mouthguard Has the Right Protection 

Even in the world of custom, not all mouthguards are created equal. Everyone’s mouth is different. As a matter of fact, two of the most important questions to ask when getting a mouthguard are: How does it fit? What’s the thickness? I set out to solve these questions and more. 


For newbies, a custom mouthguard is designed by a dentist taking into account the individual structure of your mouth. The dentist will make an impression of your mouth and create a suitable mouthguard with the cast model using either a vacuum machine or thermal pressure. With a product made to suit the unique structure of your mouth, you can be sure that custom mouthguards are more protective than any other type of mouthguard. 


A Custom Fitted Mouthguard Is Comfortable 

Off-the-shelf boil and bites are made to fit every mouth, and in most cases end up becoming an unsightly blob of plastic hanging right from the mouth. Here’s why: With the boil and bite method, the essence is to create a molding that's not really designed to be molded. What you get is a loose mouthguard that cannot retain its shape. At the end of the day, it doesn’t fit well and gets downright uncomfortable. 


Custom designed mouthguards are made to fit intimately in the mouth of every individual. The precision creates a molding that fits the bill- thick where protection is required and thin where comfort is needed. Additionally, custom mouthguards are neither loose nor slack- they retain shape and fit perfectly over teeth without inhibiting growth or alignment. 


A Custom Fitted Mouthguard Has Superior Performance 

In team sports like football or hockey, communication is not only important; it is necessary. While a mouthguard will protect you from injury, it shouldn’t look like you have a sock stuffed in your mouth.  


Unlike other mouthguards that lose their shape or constantly fall out, a mouthguard from GumShields.com fits securely and allows you to speak unimpeded. This means better communication, better performance and better results. 



Let’s face it, mouthguards don’t just protect your teeth, they enhance them too! With the ability to go all chic and fashionable, you instantly get access to an array of colored mouthguards with cool names and trendy logos. Ask yourself this: would you prefer to be the girl or guy with a hoary boil and bite mouthguard or a hippy star with a sleek, custom-built, intimidating mouthguard? This is one of the main reasons to contemplate having it in the first place really. 

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