How To Get a Custom Designed Mouth Guard

How To Get a Custom Designed Mouth Guard

Gumz has been working with clubs schools and athletes providing them with not only a custom fit but custom designed mouth guard. In recent years designing a mouth guard has risen in popularity this could be because of personal trends or that athletes have been using them as another way to show their personality or extend their brand awareness. This trend has then been followed buy school clubs and athletes with many amateur teams now opting for a custom fit guard so that all players are uniform.


As the popularity rises we thought we would look into the process between designing your own mouth guard with Gumz. If you are a school club or team contact us directly as with large orders we can offer group discounts and send you labelling kits for the moulds that need to be taken.

Step 1 Visit the store and select design your own gum shield. Enter your details and specifications at this stage you can email us the image you have in mind.


Step 2 Once your order has been completed we will send you an Impressions kit out in the post. This is where you use the easy to use moulding kit to ensure that your new custom mouth guard fits your mouth perfectly. Providing you with comfort and safety when using your newly design gum shield. For more information on the impression kit and a five step guide read more here.


Step 3 Wrap your mould in tissue and send it back to us. Once we have received your mould the team of dental technicians will begin making your custom fit mouth guard and adding your design.


Step 4 Once your custom designed mouth guard has been made we send it out to you for your safety and enjoyment. 

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