Basketball Is a Non Contact Sport So Why Is Dental Injury So High?

Basketball Is a Non Contact Sport So Why Is Dental Injury So High?

As a basketball player you will have undoubtedly seen or been involved in a dental injury, with the sport holding highest levels of dental injuries it is not uncommon to see.  With one in three players affected by a dental injury the use of mouthguards are not seen as the norm in the sport.

With such high figures for injuries we regularly ask the question why the use of mouthguards is not common practice at all levels. They sport only recommends their use and it is not compulsory for a mouth piece to be worn by all players.

In recent years professional athletes are becoming more aware of the risks associated with playing basketball. This has seen an increase in pros taking precautionary measures to ensure that they reduce risk of dental and head injuries by wearing mouthguards. With these athletes held in such high esteem by fans and aspiring players we are seeing a rise in mouthguard sales for basketball teams across the UK.

What is a dental injury?

Dental injuries caused by playing basketball are seen with different levels of severity. Although some can be more damaging then others to your health the cosmetic damage of some can have effects on player’s confidence and overall wellbeing. We have compiled a list of common dental injuries that you could avoid by wearing a mouthguard when playing basketball.


  • Chipped or Broken Teeth
  • Fractured Crowns or Bridgework
  • Lip and Cheek Injuries
  • root damage to the teeth
  • Fractured Jaws
  • Concussions

Why are dental injuries so common with basketball players?

Basketball is not seen as a rough sport and is not deemed as a contact sport hence there is no mandatory requirement to wear a mouthguard. Although it’s faced paced nature could be a leading factor to the high levels of dental injuries that occur when playing sport this sport at all levels. The risk of a flying elbow or a collision on the court could cause any of the above injuries and the use of a mouthguard could prevent these happening to you.


The Stats Are Staggering:

Information from a study of high school athletes in the US Source Colgate Website

75% Of Injuries occurred When No Mouthguard was worn

40% Of Injuries occurred in basketball and baseball both technically not contact sports

9% reported some sort of dental injury while playing sports

3% Suffered Concussion

56%  Of Concussions happened when the athletes was not wearing a mouthguard

At Gumz we believe the stats speak for the selves and hope that the likes of Lebron James, Stephen Curry and other NBA stars will encourage other athletes to take their dental health seriously and wear a mouthguard.

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