The Possible Effects of a Facial Injury

Have you ever lost a tooth or suffered an injury to your face? How did this impact your confidence and comfort?

The simplest things can become difficult when you are missing your front teeth. From pronouncing certain words to eating different foods are just some of the common problems that occur when you have suffered a dental injury and lost your teeth.

On a weekly basis hundreds of young athletes across the UK suffer a dental injury when playing or practicing sports. If you suffer a facial injury while participating in sport you could very likely harm your teeth gums lips or mouth. Wearing a mouthgaurd could reduce the impact of a facial injury and helps to prevent against dental injuries.

Mouthguards are common practice in contact sports across the UK but are becoming more accepted across all high paced sports played throughout the UK. This is because of the clear benefits that a custom fit gum guard provides to any young athlete.

Surprisingly mouth guards are even being seen in some unlikely sports from motocross to bmx riding the risk of an injury to the face and mouth has been recognized. This has caused amateur and professional athletes to take precautionary measures to reduce the impact of a facial injury.

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