Taking Dental Protection Seriosly Even When Training

Taking Dental Protection Seriosly Even When Training

Wearing a gum shield in a boxing match is compulsory throughout the professional and amateur leagues. But when you are training do you wear a gum guard?

At Gumz we understand the importance of dental protection throughout sports. In this post we are going to look at the benefits of using a gum guard as a precautionary measure at all times.

Wearing a gum shield during sparring:

Professional coaches and boxers will recommend wearing a mouth guard during sparring. They use a mouth guard to avoid injury and ensure that you are able to participate in your next boxing match. Suffering a dental injury during training due to not wearing the correct safety gear may leave you being unable to compete while you are recovering.

Not only is it important for your health and protection to wear a mouthguard during training it also allows you to get comfortable with wearing one. It can feel rather strange at first and you do not want any additional distractions caused by discomfort when you enter the ring.

The health benefits are huge and this is why it is compulsory to wear a gum shield when in a professional or amateur fight.  Mouthguards provide dental protection which will prevent your teeth cutting your lips or the inside of your mouth when getting hit. It also gives you something to bite on helping you keep your mouth closed at all times when in the ring. Any boxers who has thought professionally or in the amateur leagues will know how vulnerable you are leaving yourself with an open mouth. Receiving a punch with an open mouth can lead to jaw dislocation and dental injury, which can be prevented by wearing a gum shield while competing and training.

At Gumz we provide pre designed and custom designed options allowing you to show your flare and individual style in and out of the ring. Take a look through the gallery where you can see many custom designs that our customers use when competing in contact sports. 

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