Are your gumshields suitable for children?

Are your gumshields suitable for children?

Gumz has been working with clubs schools and athletes providing them with not only a custom fit but custom designed mouth guard.

Our Mouthguards are made for all ages and the same processes are followed whether they are a child or adult.

For kids gumshields we recommend choosing one of our simpler designs as their dentition changes frequently and this will be the most cost-effective way of protecting child.

If your child has erupting teeth or gaps we can block these out to prolong the life of the gumshield. This will be done automatically, but if you would like a specific area padded even more then please write this on your lab docket or get in touch and we can add it for you.

For children with fixed orthodontics, we are unable to create a gumshield for them without an impression from their dentist.

For anymore information on our guards please get in touch!

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